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Corey Buerman

Sponsors:  Heartland off road, Raceline wheels, LogoDaddy Graphics, Warn Industries, Maxxis Tires, Rugged Radios, PAC racing springs, Factor 55, Randy’s ring and pinion / Yukon gear and axle, CTM racing products

2007 Heartland Off Road chassis Custom

Donnie Burwell

Rig:  2017 DDI Bouncer

Crew:  David Gemes Jennifer Creech

Sponsors:  DDI customs

True Grit

Mark Cain

2016 Sosebee's Performance Offroad

Billy Campbell

2014 Jimmys 4x4 ultra4 car 
Sponsors:  Coyote Enterprise  
Driver:  Billy Campbell ( Wild Bill) 
Co Driver:  Teresa Campbell
Hometown:  Inverness, Fl

The No Name Buggy

Burt Chambers

The Joker

Nick Cooper

2012 Jimmy Smith Rock Bouncer

Anger Management

Shawn Cross

I was born a Yankee but grew up a Texan. been offroading for close to 20yrs, I was a codriver for a friend of mine in Top Truck Challenge 2006 in a truck that I built. Like most people I'm sure the "Fat Girl Wheelie" got me interested in rock bouncing. I've built a couple ground up buggies one of them being a 1980 Ford Pinto named Mean Bean. I use hand me down parts I can pick up cheap or trade for because I don't have any budget for racing.

Sponsors:  Carter Fab, Fawker Fab, Rock Krawler Suspension

Joe Dirt

Chad Derousse

Rig:  1985 Jeep Cj7 juggy


Been around the off road racing for about 17 years went to my first race at 13 was hooked then got a jeep for my 16th birthday and that is the jeep i have today I won the 2017 rally in the valley big tire rookie class , And have done a few shows for good causes

Bad decisions

Clint Evans

2015 Bouncer


Landen Gilbert

2016 Dayzd Fab Rock Bouncer

Crew:  Kelly gilbert, cole gilbert, Todd gilbert, heath day, kerri day, Keith Phillips, steve Howell

Sponsors:  Rcv, Interco tires, Seelite, Lug nut 4x4, Slime

Addiction Bouncer

Charlton Gibson

1990 Jeep Wrangler

Chad Groves

Sponsors:  Rocklife offroad, Yukon gear and axel

Hot Shot

Clayton Hollingsworth

2016 Outlaw

Mike Raczynski

2016 Custom


Steve Howell

Rig:  2016 Dayz’d Fabrication Addiction Bouncer

Amateur rockbouncer sponsored by some of the greatest folks this world has ever known. They’ve allowed me to participate in this sport that I love dearly. If it weren’t for them I’d still just be an above average fan! I’ve been blessed to sit behind the wheel and live out a dream. Surreal to say the least. Landed a 14th place finish for the ARC 2016 season running a different rig each race and a 5th place finish for the Outlaw Racing 2017 season running the Addiction Bouncer and hoping for better things this year. Either way I’m gonna let my beard be majestic and have fun with my offroad family. Elbow dropping and skinny pedal stomping! #ThePeoplesChamp #CEO #HookNDig


Alex Kennedy

Crew:  Andrew Artymko, crew chief Jeff Chauvin, road chief Nate Gilham, party finder

2017 Homebuilt Rock bouncer

Jason Krug

2014 Krug Kustoms

Black Widow

Lee Johnson

2014 Jordy Graham Built


J.D. Laster

Hometown:  Arcola

Sosebee Chasis Buggy

Lee Logan

2017 Reject Fab Bouncer


Orlan Mears

Rig:  2012 Buggy Mofab


City delivery for the usps is how I pay the bills. Been there for 23 years. I was born and raised in northeast Arkansas. I have a son 25 an a grandson that's one. Every since I was little I liked off roading from bikes to four wheelers to dirt bikes to horses to jeeps an now to buggies. Only racing I really ever done was horses in small arenas during my high school years. Special ordered my first and only brand new Jeep Wrangler. Right away I started adding better parts, or at least as money was available. It's old but I still have it an it still works. I have abused it for years an managed to keep it together. Even placed in a few events when this rock racing thing started. Bought the rockit buggy in 2016. Started racing it one week after I got it. I have raced one season with the wonderful people running Outlaw series. With a high point standing,a third place win in the finals, and all race fees payed for 2018(won in raffle) #likewinningasponsor. I would say it's been a good year. Looking forward to a better year this season.

Crew:  Chris Morgan, micheal faber, Duane Gibson, charlton Gibson, NEA crawlers, crevice crawlers, KNAK industrial contracting, Bryce Mears, John Dillon, Shannon Chipman, Kevin Ray, mom,


Josh Moore

Rig:  2015 Whisker Fab

Crew:  Jaysun Vassar,Josh Brooks, Joe Joe Dobson

Sponsors:  Whisker Fab, Mechman Elite Electrical Systems, Line-x of Tullahoma

The Gun

Chris Morgan

Rig:  2015 Jeep Buggy

Sponsors:  Chipman auto and tuning, Forbes tire, Knack inc


Steve Morgan

Rig:  2015 Jimmy smith Motorsports Rock bouncer

Crew:  Steve Morgan Sr Adam Henard Anthony Smith DJ Button

Sponsors:  Rpm performance tuning, Smith racing engines


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