We want to make sure that you enjoy our race series.  Whether you are coming to one or all, your cooperation with our rules will help you as well as us make it fun for everyone.

Go find your favorite race rig or driver before or after the race and ask about their rig, ask to sit in it, ask to take a picture with it/them and always ask for their autograph.  You will make their day!

The drivers that race these rigs up the mountains love fans.  Make sure they know it when they are racing up the course.  The louder you are, the faster they will go!

The Point1 crew as well as the drivers take serious precautions to keep safe.  We have safety inspections, require safety equipment such as fire suits, full face helmets, harnesses, head and neck restraints and race rigs that can take the abuse we put them through.

We lay out the course and set up the spectator area for your protection.  While we take every precaution to keep you safe, please help us.

  • Get to the park early Saturday morning.  You get to beat all the lines this way and get the best sitting spot.

  • Please do not wander beyond the barrier fence.

  • Please stay inside the spectator area.

  • Please stay away from the racers and race rigs during the race.

  • Don't cross any yellow, red, blue caution tape.  Please do not tear any caution tape.

  • Please help pick up trash.  We want to be invited back.

  • We want you to enjoy beverages, but, if you start enjoying them too much, we may ask you to leave.

If you have any questions about the race or our operations, please don't hesitate to click the CONTACT button under INFO.

The parks we visit determine what the gate entry fee will be for the race.  Please take into consideration what it cost the park to keep their doors open for you to enjoy all year long.


Please note:  The parks have their own waiver that will need to be signed as well.